Our Vision

At White Star Cafe we believe that great food is one of life’s greatest pleasures and that this should be enjoyed by all. White Star Cafe is a dedicated Gluten Free,Nut Free,  NON-GMO  and mostly Organic Bistro . Concerns about the integrity of ingredients, food allergies, harmful additives or mishandling should not stand in the way. With this vision, White Star Cafe and its entire staff are dedicated to developing recipes that put flavor first, relying on excellent technique and the highest quality ingredients, not on shortcuts,  pesticide laden or genetically modified (GMO) products.
At White Star Cafe you will not see tip jars or have to use a calculator to figure out how much you have to pay, because there is a NO TIPPING policy. Our Staff is hired on Salary and enjoy Health Benefits. Let our staff take care of you and rest assured that we will take care of our great staff.


White Star Cafe

8755 Sunset Drive,

Miami, FL 33173

Phone. 305-274-5015