Our History

As a full time Surgeon, Mom and mostly self-taught Chef my expectations have always been high when it comes to what I expect from food. I have traveled the world. I have enjoyed the finest meals. I have learned the most exacting cookery techniques from some of the world’s most eminent chefs. But, shortly after my first son was born, it became evident that he struggled with food allergies. By a labored process of careful observation and elimination, his list of allergies emerged.
My concerns grew as my understanding of how food is typically produced and handled. Thankfully, in 2011, the FDA passed a law that forced food manufactures to declare the county’s top 8 possible allergic contaminants in their manufactured products; unfortunately, this law does not apply to restaurants.
For my son’s safety I quickly realized that any activity that might include food now required significant planning ahead. My husband and I soon realized, however, that my son was eating better than anyone! The true love and precision that went into the preparation of my son’s meals meant that everything was high quality, fresh and extra-ordinarily delicious.
White Star Cafe is the product of all of my experiences and the ultimate realization that for this particular job there was no one more motivated than myself. But I could not do this alone, so I quickly enlisted my husband and family. We all set about the task of developing recipes to specifically exclude: Milk (Casein), Eggs, Soy, Wheat (Gluten), Peanuts, Tree Nuts (except coconut), Fish, Crustaceans (a type of shellfish) Corn and furthermore, Artificial Colors, Preservatives or Flavors.
Motivated by a deep sense of purpose, and unrelenting faith this daunting task has been accomplished. After 5 years, my staff, my family and hopefully our cherished community is ready. Please come and enjoy and leave those worries at the door.


White Star Cafe

8755 Sunset Drive,

Miami, FL 33173

Phone. 305-274-5015