At White Star Cafe, we believe your dining experience should focus on food that has intense flavors and aromas that surprise and delight all your senses. We have taken great care to use only products that are 100% Non-GMO, mostly Organic, and have been sourced to be free of gluten (wheat/rye/barley/spelt),   peanuts, tree-nuts* free, fish free, and shellfish free.  Most items are also available in milk (casein) and egg free options.
All our products are prepared in Gluten and Nut free facilities, by staff with HACCP certification. So you can feel safe to relax in knowing that your food not only is made with the highest quality ingredients, but also that it has been handled properly, with no cross contamination!
We offer, organic coffee, artisanal gelato (milk, egg free and  GMO free), flavorful Non GMO bistro fair and a full line of baked goods including hand-made breads, tarts, cakes, cookies, muffins and cupcakes.
*except coconut

White Star Cafe is conveniently located on the corner of SW 87th Court and Sunset Drive, in Miami, Florida. We offer a drive-thru window and in-store take-out. If you would like to stay we also have quick service and elegant full table service. White Star Cafe offers an online App which may be downloaded for fast convenient ordering and  pick up by the window drive thru service.



Many of White Star Cafe’s recipes and products include or use Cream, Milk, Cheese and /or Eggs, in these instances these products are used in their natural state. Meaning, specifically that they are never used in a processed or powdered form that could potentially cause significant airborne contamination. When used, they will be noted in Bold on the menu.



White Star Cafe

8755 Sunset Drive,

Miami, FL 33173

Phone. 305-274-5015

Email. whitestarcafe2015@gmail.com